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think-ladiesThis past Saturday, 4 March, creative minds and budding entrepreneurs gathered for the first Mbewu Masterclass of 2017 discussing and engaging on all issues related to Taking the Leap into entrepreneurship. Incredible insights were shared by our speakers: Nothando Moleketi (Founder and COO of Reware, a pre-loved mobile phone retailer); Abed Tau (Founder of multiple companies including Tuta-me an app based tutoring service); Munene Khosa (Founder and CEO of Mint Language Consulting, a full-service language enhancement and corporate communications firm).

In addition to the invaluable learnings shared by our speakers, we hosted a Dragon’s Den of our own where audience members had the opportunity to pitch their brilliant business ideas to our expert panel consisting of the speakers and Ekerete Umoetok, a seasoned private equity professional. The winner(s) stand a chance to be profiled on all Mbewu platforms, and *drum-roll*…our winners are Nkabiseng Motau and Mukondi Ralushayi, founders and creative directors of Think advertising agency. We interviewed them to find out who they are, what are their challenges and most importantly where we can find them and do business!

Q: Who are Think?

A: Our company is called Think Creative Hub and we are a creative solutions company. What that means is that we don’t tie ourselves down to a specific medium, we do above the line advertising, branding, design, animation, storytelling.

Q: What inspired you to start Think?

A: We were feeling frustrated with the old school model that permeates the industry where the execution dictates the solution that the client gets and it becomes a “force fitted” situation where you can’t explore other ideas to solve the creative problem in that business. So we were getting frustrated and asking ourselves “why does this have to be the way things go?” and we thought we would test it out by starting our own business.

Q: How would you define ultimate success in your business?

A: One place that would indicate to us that we are succeeding is if we have one place that black creatives can find a home. I worry that there aren’t many places that aren’t white male dominated environments. So an indicator of success would be offering the black female creative somewhere to go to live out your creative dreams. That’s one way, the other way is money! (LOL) We’re also really passionate about making social change, so once we start to see that happening with our work, we’ll really feel like that’s success for us.

Q: What are your current challenges?

A: The biggest one is capacity, we work a lot with freelancers and we obviously do a lot of the work ourselves but we literally need more hands because the work is there and people trust our product but they get scared we’re literally two people sitting in a room without very many systems or bodies. So we end up having to sell just the idea without the execution, so that’s a very big challenge.

Q: Where can people find you? How are you reachable?

A: They can come in for coffee at 52 Bompas Road in Dunkeld (in between Rosebank and Hyde Park), they find us online at

Thank you so much to everyone who attended and to those who were brave enough to enter the den. Watch this space for details on our next event!

Yours in friendship and in wine


Mbewu Movement Co-Founder

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